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Final(?) art dump :3

Hey y'all, it's been a long time :3

It's likely that this is the last time I'll post here, and even though the fandom has moved to different places, I want to at least post one more time in this community that I basically grew up in.

Even if this place sinks into the depths of the internet someday, I will never forget it. If any of you oldies happen to check out this place, please contact me! I'd love to reconnect ^^

Thank you, goldberry, for creating this community and the wonderful, positive, safe and fun place to be an IchiRuki fan. I'll never regret the time I spent here and the time I spent making IchiRuki stuffs.

God bless you all and may your future ships become canon :3

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For anyone who's looking for where I am, my IchiRuki art (as much as I could find) is in this IchiRuki Anon Tumblr I created.

You can also find me at puppetbomb.com.

Its all over for us...

It was fun for a while... but we've all finally been proven wrong per the the final chapter of the manga. Oh well. I guess I'm glad my interest in Bleach in general diminished, so this wasn't a heart break, but for whatever reason, I just randomly looked around to find where Bleach was at this point and found out the last chapter has Ichigo and Orihime married with a kid 10 years in the future... and Rukia likewise with Renji. At least Rukia made Captain...

I remember, exactly 10 years ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to the series via the Anime. It seemed like Ichigo and Rukia were destined. It also seemed like the series would be really great for a long time. How times have changed...

IchiRuki English Scanlated Doujin: Costume Carnival 1 - AliceRukia in Wonderland

I still love IchiRuki after all this time. I dug this doujin out of a shop in Akihabara, and scanlated my favourite story from it. It's available here: https://www.mediafire.com/?y6j5zwy99qtf74h and it's sweet and Safe for Work.

Trying to off-set some bad karma by doing this, so I would appreciate it if anyone still around read and enjoyed it.

That's all! Thank you.
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Fic Search?!

Hello to all diehard IchiRuki fans! Are you guys still here? 'Cause I need your help!)
I was in the middle of some spring cleaning when I came across some of my fav Ichiruki fics and guess what? Yes, I fell for this pair all over again. ^_^ And after finishing the stuff I have on my hard drive I'm now looking for one particular fanfic I've read some time ago on ff.net but can't find it(
I don't remember much of the details but it was a mafia fic where Byakuya and Aizen where the heads of the opposing clans. Rukia was of course somewhat of a little sister/princess of the Kuchiki clan and Ichigo was assigned as her personal protector/bodyguard (much to her dismay). I remember they were always at each other’s throats (UST ^_^).
I also remember Gin was some kind of double agent. At first it looked like he was spying for Aizen but in the end he was actually on the Byakuya's side. He dated Rangiku by the way.
Well, that's about all I can think of. I know it's not much but if something sounds familiar feel free to point me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated.

p.s. Sorry, for any mistakes I’m a bit out of practice.