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Ichigo/Rukia Community
The Death and the Strawberry
Final(?) art dump :3 
30th-Aug-2016 01:07 am
[Bleach] I like to ride mai bicycle
Hey y'all, it's been a long time :3

It's likely that this is the last time I'll post here, and even though the fandom has moved to different places, I want to at least post one more time in this community that I basically grew up in.

Even if this place sinks into the depths of the internet someday, I will never forget it. If any of you oldies happen to check out this place, please contact me! I'd love to reconnect ^^

Thank you, goldberry, for creating this community and the wonderful, positive, safe and fun place to be an IchiRuki fan. I'll never regret the time I spent here and the time I spent making IchiRuki stuffs.

God bless you all and may your future ships become canon :3

For anyone who's looking for where I am, my IchiRuki art (as much as I could find) is in this IchiRuki Anon Tumblr I created.

You can also find me at puppetbomb.com.
31st-Aug-2016 10:46 am (UTC)
Lovely art!!! I don't do Tumblr but I will definitely check out your site.
31st-Aug-2016 07:16 pm (UTC)
I looove that last picture of Rukia. So beautiful! And thank you for sharing your fanart for all these years! <3
16th-Nov-2016 04:02 pm (UTC)
This is lovely, thanks for being a member of the community!
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